Thursday, January 31, 2013


I don't know how to start this but hope to end this post nicely.

I thought I would have no problem finding love for the second time.  I thought I can carry this by myself.  I thought it was easy to handle such relationship.  Just when I thought I had everything and now I'm practically losing it.

Or is just a simple "I THOUGHT"???

January 20 is our 18 MONTHSARY.  I waited so much for his call; seconds, minutes, hours and  days no call coming from him.

Then suddenly phone rings and I hurried to receive the call. I thought he was the one calling but apparently the call is intended for my mom.

I want to scream and shout let my anguish be gone.

                                                    photo credit: the|G|™ via photopin cc

I need someone to talk to!!!!!  Please???????

Suddenly somebody opens the door and walks towards me.  Both are with teary eyed and I embrace him then slap him. I slapped him because I THOUGHT IT WAS OVER.

  photo credit: Auzigog via photopin cc

But again, thanks GOD all is just my thoughts.  Thoughts that drive me crazy.

(Just missing each other after the BIG FIGHT.)

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