Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Stronger at 16: I MISS YOU ALREADY

It hasn't been easy in fact it's a bit scary having a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP.   I suffered one month of depression and loneliness (that is why I don't have a post about our 15 MONTHSARY).  And what makes it worse is our communication is not that good as compared in the past.   I know I had to be strong in my stand that my partner has his obligations and duty to his works  but you cannot blame me if I think so negatively.

DOUBT?  Yes, I am doubtful now.  I do trust him but I guess you can say that it's also my biggest regret for not conquering these demons inside my mind. A bit fearful with this relationship but today really isn't the right time to end a wonderful relation that starts with a beautiful friendship.

To start I have to STOP my negative thoughts and look back what we have from the past.  After the one month space we have(no communication), I finally realize that I LOVE HIM SO DEARLY and I MISS HIM ALREADY.

photo credit: chiarashine via photopin cc

We should STOP our childish attitudes and start again with a NEW STORY in our LIFE.  For the first time the emptiness inside me was GONE.  Knowing that he LOVES ME MORE and he UNDERSTAND my LONGING.  I cannot imagine trying to cope up with my LIFE alone again.

I can hardly say that I have a NEW LIFE with him.  And with GOD, He gives us an assurance that HE IS IN CONTROL and HE give us a NEW BEGINNING to start all over again.    

A wonderful beginning of a VAPING RELATIONSHIP.  Happy 16th MONTHSARY PALABZ.