Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's our 13th Today

For almost 3 days I don't have communication with my partner.

Thank God he texted me  yesterday morning saying his okey and nothing to worry.  Problem with his connection he said.

It really bothers me when someone you love suddenly gone for a day without a reason.  Mixed emotions transpired, afraid if something bad happened. 

Many questions arise; one of this is, WHY DID HE SUDDENLY STOP TEXTING/CALLING ME?  I am not a mind reader that I can easily guess what other person think.  I know texting and calling constantly is a pain in the ass.  Guys don't like this, they avoid habitual texting and calling back and forth, I know that.  I am not selfish but I want to know that he is still there for me.  A kind of affection that I wanted in a man.  I want him always on my side.

Celebrating our 13th Monthsary without him is really sad.  But I am happy that he called.  

Maybe I am just over reacting having that kind of thinking.  It might that I have to let go of that weird feelings.  

The reality is that any area of our SOCIAL LIFE happened to have that GUILT and FEAR.  But I have to look like that I am letting him do whatever he wants.  Maybe I am just a bit so strict and afraid.  Afraid of being alone again.

I have to be nonreactive of all the things going on now.  So that I can easily see the clarity of the situation.  No more doubts and I will make my self-fulfilling prophecy.  It may seem a little delusional but it is just an assumption to make how other person feels about.  

And finally one of the best thing I can do even if he is not here for now, I will make sure that I have a full and enjoyable fun life.  

Happy 13th monthsary palabz.  Love you.  



  1. I felt the same way. My Bf is in alaska.. it will be our 14th monthsary on the 3rd. stay strong!