Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Listening to the music video of Vanessa Carlton, CAROUSEL.  I thought it was a literal carousel that we usually see at a carnival.  But upon listening to the lyrics of the song is all about LOVERS who are brokenhearted.

                   photo credit: Javier Corbo via photopin cc

For all you brokenhearted lovers lost Go find another one Cause you know time won't wait and you'll be late White rabbit's on the run 

But for me this song is perfect for this Lenten Season.  It's not for the lover's only but the relationship we have with Jesus.  The Lord Jesus is close to brokenhearted, he saves us all who are crushed in spirit.  

We have our own carousels in life.  If we loved much we give our all.  And we have time to depart if we cannot longer carry the burden, even if we don't know where to go.

              photo credit: camil tulcan via photopin cc

This is how JESUS loves us so much, even if He is perfect, no sin at all but still He gives us his life just to SAVE us.

To find another one is to seek renewal with your relationship with JESUS.  To be reborn and start your new life with Christ because you will never know when the time ends.

White rabbits on the run means here TIME SLIPPING or MIND FLOATING.  The idea of having to choose between BAD or GOOD.   You are at the stage of DOUBTFULNESS within yourself.  Or having your own belief that you have the power to dominate your life. This is very difficult to handle, dominating over your own life is like climbing up onto a ladder in either way you have to go up because of the SUCCESS or to fall down.

The song really depicts our life now. It is well written and have a better idea what is LIFE without JESUS.

Watch video here and listen to its lyric.  Then tell me your own translation of the song.    

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